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Founder & Lead Planner,
Paruul M

I'll start by saying I'm so glad you're here! 

I hail from the east coast but fell in love with Seattle on my first trip here (literally, I also met my husband here that week!). My love for event planning stems from over 10+ years of experience in creating impactful press conferences, corporate events, and celebrity-hosted dinners in my day job as a PR professional.


City Fête events was born out of my love for designing and producing unique events for clients. I truly believe that at the end of the day, guests will always remember how the event made them feel and I specialize in creating a personalized and memorable experience for guests. 

We're based out of Seattle, WA but work with clients across the country. When I'm not working with clients of my own, I'm freelancing for my planner friends and their awesome clients.

Outside of event planning, you can find me busting out some dance moves (fun fact: we also offer wedding choreography services!) and listening to new music.

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